Visa Assistance for Canada in Delhi

Over 35 million people choose to visit Canada every year for different purposes. These purposes varies but most of people go on either on Student Visa or on Tourist / Visitor Visa

Student Visa

Students who would like to go to Canada on education purpose need to apply for student visa. To be eligible for Canadian Visa, you must prove the following:

- You have been accepted by a Canadian Institution.

- You have enough money to pay the tuition fees and carry out expenses of you and your family members if they are accompanying you.

- No criminal records.

- You have good health condition.

- You need to satisfy the visa officer that you will be coming back after finishing your program.

Tourist Visa

Every year millions of people visit Canada as tourists for vacation or to meet their relatives. There are some requirements that you need to meet.

- Have a valid passport.

- You have good health condition.

- Need to convince an immigration officer that you have ties such as job, home, financial assets back to your home.

- Have enough money to carry out your expenses while staying in Canada.

Business Visa

There are also thousands of people who come to Canada to do business with Canadian companies. They need to meet some requirements to be allowed in Canada.

- Your plan of stay is less than six months.

- You do not plan to enter the Canadian labor market.

- Your main place of business or source of income is outside Canada.

- Have sufficient documents to support your application.

- You meet Canada’s basic entry requirements.

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